HSK Test Internet-based FAQ

Q What is the Internet- based HSK Test?

The internet- based HSK Test is an online exam system which is fully compatible with the existing paper- based exam system and it supports all the exams. In 2013 the Confucius Institute Leiden University established the Internet-based HSK Test locations in association with Avans Hogeschool, in order to provide the service for every level (HSK levels 1-6).

Q What are the similarities and differences between the internet- based HSK test and the handwritten test?

1. The content of the exam and the kind of questions we ask are similar for both tests. Compared with the traditional paper-and-pen way of testing, the internet- based test is more user friendly and the exam results are automatically uploaded to the International Testcenter system. Post- mail delivery service will not be used anymore as well as the destruction of spoken audio-files. This is good for the environment and user friendly.

2. The way of test enrollment is the same, but the enrollment procedure is not completely similar. After registering, by using the old way of pen and paper we did not have to hurry receiving payments and the candidates received their admission paper after paying the fee.  If you don’t pay on time, your enrollment might seem finished but in fact you have not enrolled which means you cannot participate. Therefore after enrollment you have to transfer the exam fee as soon as possible, which allows you to participate in the exam.

3. After the enrollment- deadline the management back office turns off the automatic enrollment system, whether or not there are seats available will not be displayed.

4. Each time after the start of the exam enrollment, the system will be updated based on the amount of payments. Based on this, the available seats will be up to date which is presented at the special website of the Confucius Institute Leiden University: www.chinesetest.nl. It will be presented in real-time which means that you can directly check the available seats after and during the enrollment.

Q Do I need pen and paper during the internet-based test?

The complete exam can be done with the computer mouse and keyboard, but when the candidate is used to using the handwritten way or is not used to the Chinese input system, then the candidate is allowed to use a pen and write the answers at the answer sheet. One of us will scan the answer sheet and afterwards the answer will be registered in the system.


Q When are the test dates of the HSK internet- based test and the HSKK oral test of the Confucius Institute Leiden University in 2013?

To make easy the candidates’ choice of choosing a suitable test date and time, the Confucius Institute Leiden University decided to hold the tests at the following dates:

Test Dates/address

Deadline for Registration

Date of Results



Date /address





Deadline date



23th Mar.



14th Mar


24th Apr.

20th Apr.



10th Apr.


20th May.

11th May


12 May



2nd May


2 May.

12th Jun.

15th Jun.

Avans Hogeschool



6th Jun.


16th Jul.

7th Sep.

Leiden University



28th Aug.


8th Oct.

19th Oct.

Leiden University

  20 Oct.

Universiteit Leiden



10th Oct.


10 Oct

20th Nov.

9th Nov.

Leiden University



30st Oct.


9th Dec.

30th Dec.

Leiden University



21st Nov.


4th Jan. 2014


















Q Where will the HSK internet-based tests be held?

The test center of the Confucius Institute Leiden University will hold the tests at the following locations:


        1.  Avans Hogeschool

             address: Hogeschoollaan 1, 4818 CR Breda

  2. Talenlab Sinologie Universiteit Leiden

             address:  Lipsius-gebouw, Cleveringaplaats 1

                     2311 BD Leiden


Q How can I register?

1.      Independent students can register at the following website: http://www.chinesetest.cn/goliuchengtu.do. Register by choosing the option 荷兰莱顿大学孔子学院考点”(Test Location Confucius Instituut Leiden University);

2.      In order to keep the organization of the test flowing, the test center uses the following special website for collective registration: www.chinesetest.nl.

Q How much is the fee of the the HSK internet- based test?

The fees of the HSK internet- based tests are as follows:

Currency: Euro



Level 1


level 2


level 3


level 4


level 5


level 6

Official fee








Q How do I pay the fee?

By bank transfer you can pay the fee, the payment information is as follows:


Name bank


Name account

Confucius Institute University Leiden

Number of bank account


1Please pay the fee within three days after registering. After the payment your registration will be confirmed and you will receive your admission paper.

2When the payment is done we ask you to make a screenshot of the  payment and send it to: hsk2013.nl@gmail.com, in order to let us verify your payment. In this way we can guarantee your reservation as soon as possible.


Q Other relevant questions

1.      Is it possible to park my car in the neighbourhood of the place where the test will be held?

Yes, that is possible. Avans made parking reservations for the candidates, the candidates can park their car for free when showing their admission paper.

2.      My family wishes to give me company by joining me to the test, is there any room where they can wait?

The team of the internet- based test created a room for the accompanying people, where they can drink coffee and tea.

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